Life is a beautiful thing when you’re pursuing something you love.


Photography by Ben Steele

I’ve found a deep passion for photography and enjoy working on both sides of the lens. I generate content for brands and would love to for yours.



Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story and an essential part of any brand. Moving pictures are a proven marketing strategy.



I have a passion for branding, photography, social media, writing and creating in general. See some of my work.

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The Ben Steele Show dissects the lives of creative and driven people in order to understand what leads them to be the way they are. During the show, Ben discusses topics from fitness to business to military to music to entertainment. He asks the hard questions to better understand his guest's lives and draw value from their experiences. Although Ben admits he is far from perfect himself, he works his hardest to provide inspiration to his listeners and to help them improve their own lives where possible. Consider this an average man's guide to living a more than adequate life.

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