I'll share a few examples of my skills and work on this page. As I'm unable to share everything, please email me (contactme@benjaminsteele.us) if you are in search of something specific. Also, please note that all of this is original work and should not be copied or used without my permission. To learn about other projects I've been involved in see my resume.


I have an expert ability to brand a company. Branding is something that regularly consumes my thoughts. It's one of my true passions in business. As you will see throughout all of my work featured on this site, I am effectively able to portray a company's core values through a logo, imagery, video and copy. This is what I love.

Web Development

Over the past few years I have learned how to design and create websites on most popular platforms, particularly Shopify, Wordpress and Squarespace. On the following sites listed, I am very proud of the design, content, imagery, ease of use and text. I am very detail oriented and this shows through these sites.


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PR Placements

Throughout my professional career, I have been able to earn notable placements in different media outlets. Here are three worth mentioning:

British GQ Magazine: Landed a spot in "British GQ Magazine" under the new products section. This placement contributed to the growth of Sir Wylde, a noticeable online sales spike, social media traffic and new connections that led to later successes.

ABC News Utah: Sent a press release to ABC News that resulted in a segment about Sir Wylde. The story received 608 likes, 47 shares and 24 comments on Facebook, not to mention the traction it got on ABC's website. This story contributed to a noticeable spike in website traffic and online sales.

Benjamin Steele Media

Benjamin Steele Media

The NFL Network: As our company Instagram account began to get attention, a stylist for The NFL Network took note and reached out. Consequently, my partner and I were able to supply 30+ products to different players and announcers on the network over the past year. This has resulted in a significant validation of our brand.

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Product Placement

Nate Burleson in a Sir Wylde necktie...not bad. Over the weeks the collaboration resulted in maybe 10+ different social media mentions by professional players. Read more about it here.

Social Media

I have developed a deep appreciation for social media and the positive effect that it can have on business and life. Not only have I worked to grow social media accounts for businesses, but also I have put great focus on my personal branding.

Personal Brand: Benj_Steele (Instagram), Benjamin Steele (Professional Facebook), Benjamin_Steele (Twitter) and benjaminsteele.us (Blog).

In just the past few years, I've grown my personal social media accounts to portray my personal brand. I work hard to only publish the most engaging content and my following has continually reacted well. I've learned the process of growing a social media account and how to do it successfully. Authenticity is a key component I always strive for.

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Social media accounted for at least 15% of Sir Wylde's sales.


I contributed to the growth of as well as the quality content featured in Rustico's social media. I'm very particular towards selecting imagery and messaging that effectively resembles the brand.

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