#4 - Wildland Firefighting with Ryan Russon

What is it like to be a Wildland Firefighter on 168 Hours Podcast

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During this episode of The Ben Steele Show, I am able to sit down with the very talented and interesting Ryan Russon. Over the past five years Ryan has accomplished a variety of things from graduating college, completing his firefighting academy, working as a wildland firefighter, and becoming a trained paramedic. In this episode, Ryan and I are able to discuss all of these things and really dive into what it’s like working in some of the more challenging fields of public service.

In addition to the things above, Ryan and I also discuss nutrition from the Paleo to the Keto diets, fitness and running, as well as people that we look up to in the public eye. Ryan talks about books that have inspired him including “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason. Lastly, Ryan talks about one of his favorite daily practices of meditation.

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