#3 - Ultra running and Denver tech with Jesse Sumrak

Ultra running and long distance running with Jesse Sumrak by Benjamin Steele

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In this episode of The Ben Steele Show, I am able to sit down with the talented marketer, ultra marathoner and tech guru Jesse Sumrak. Jesse and I discuss what it’s like to get into the ultra running scene and some of the races that he as competed in such as the Moab 55k and the North Face 50k in Park City Utah. Jesse talks about the training routine, nutrition, and recovery habits that enable him to be one of more competitive ultra runners in America at this time.

In addition to our conversations regarding running, Jesse and I talk about his life as a marketer and how he started and sold a successful online blog while attending college. We also talk about the tech company that he is currently working for in Denver, Colorado and about his plans to eventually learn coding himself.

As usual in The Ben Steele Show, Jesse and I talk about a variety of things that he does in order to live his best life and contribute to society in the best way he knows how.

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