#4 - Wildland Firefighting with Ryan Russon

What is it like to be a Wildland Firefighter on 168 Hours Podcast

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During this episode of The Ben Steele Show, I am able to sit down with the very talented and interesting Ryan Russon. Over the past five years Ryan has accomplished a variety of things from graduating college, completing his firefighting academy, working as a wildland firefighter, and becoming a trained paramedic. In this episode, Ryan and I are able to discuss all of these things and really dive into what it’s like working in some of the more challenging fields of public service.

In addition to the things above, Ryan and I also discuss nutrition from the Paleo to the Keto diets, fitness and running, as well as people that we look up to in the public eye. Ryan talks about books that have inspired him including “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason. Lastly, Ryan talks about one of his favorite daily practices of meditation.

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#3 - Ultra running and Denver tech with Jesse Sumrak

Ultra running and long distance running with Jesse Sumrak by Benjamin Steele

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In this episode of The Ben Steele Show, I am able to sit down with the talented marketer, ultra marathoner and tech guru Jesse Sumrak. Jesse and I discuss what it’s like to get into the ultra running scene and some of the races that he as competed in such as the Moab 55k and the North Face 50k in Park City Utah. Jesse talks about the training routine, nutrition, and recovery habits that enable him to be one of more competitive ultra runners in America at this time.

In addition to our conversations regarding running, Jesse and I talk about his life as a marketer and how he started and sold a successful online blog while attending college. We also talk about the tech company that he is currently working for in Denver, Colorado and about his plans to eventually learn coding himself.

As usual in The Ben Steele Show, Jesse and I talk about a variety of things that he does in order to live his best life and contribute to society in the best way he knows how.

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#2 - When two brothers go hunting

168 Hours Interviewing my Brother fun Episode

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In this episode of The Ben Steele Show, I sit down with my brother Matt Steele to discuss a variety of topics such as fellow podcaster Joe Rogan, some of our favorite artists including Post Malone, to Fortnite, to hunting while growing up, to books that have most influenced us, to Game of Thrones, to art. My brother Matt is an enlisted member of the United States Air Force and offers a unique perspective on life and what’s important.

During this podcast, Matt and I talk about ways that we have been able to improve our own lives in order to become both more effective and happier. As in everything that I do, I hope that listeners can draw value from this episode and a list of things to apply to your own lives.

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#1 - The episode that started it all

The first 168 Hour Podcast Episode

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In this episode of The Ben Steele Show I had the opportunity to sit down with my two friends and fellow Marine Corps Officers Travis Soubie and Collin Burke. Also, my friend Bret McHale, who is an aviation supply officer, made a quick appearance half way though the show.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be an officer in the military, the USMC specifically, than this is the episode for you. We discuss everything from surviving Officer Candidates School, to infantry training at The Basic School, to our current lives at our Military Occupational Specialty training in North Carolina. We talk about some of the challenges that we have faced in Marine Corps training as well as the many benefits that we have received.

In addition to the military talk, we also discuss developing effective morning routines, fitness, nutrition, and keys to becoming a successful person in general. We talk about some of the people who have positively influenced us as well as some things that we are working on to be better people.

This is the 1st episode of many for The Ben Steele Show and really gets down to the roots of why this podcast was started. Consider this an average man’s guide to living a more than adequate life.

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