“In a world that has so much negativity and challenges, I created this website in an effort to battle difficulty with positivity and valuable life habits that can improve one’s quality of life.”


Entrepreneur by Ben Steele

I have a passion for branding, photography, social media, writing and business in general. Whatever your professional pursuits may be, I believe that finding an industry where you can thrive is an essential component to developing a happy life.


Fitness by Ben Steele

I ran my first 10k when I was 11 years old and have been addicted to fitness ever since. I believe regular fitness is an essential element to finding happiness and talk about some of the things I’ve learned on this website.


Lifestyle by Ben Steele

"Lifestyle" can be defined by someone's spirituality, morning routine, sleeping habits, personal finance, travel, family relationships, fashion, entertainment, music preference and hobbies. Developing a happy and balanced lifestyle is the third pillar to happiness.

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The Ben Steele Show dissects the lives of creative and driven people in order to understand what leads them to be the way they are. During the show, Ben discusses topics from fitness to business to military to music to entertainment. He asks the hard questions to better understand his guest's lives and draw value from their experiences. Although Ben admits he is far from perfect himself, he works his hardest to provide inspiration to his listeners and to help them improve their own lives where possible. Consider this an average man's guide to living a more than adequate life.

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