I ran my first 10k when I was 11 years old and fitness has been an essential component of my life ever since. For me, fitness is as important as food, water and sleep. It really is something I can’t do without. Every morning I run and do some type of bodyweight work. Three times a week I add in some weight training and I’m always sure to stretch daily.

Once you feel the effect (if you haven’t already) that endorphins can have on your mental positivity, you’ll understand why fitness is so important as well. Also, despite what some people say, it really does help to feel good about the way you look in the mirror. There have been times that I regretted not going to the gym or for a run, but I can never say I’ve regretted the times that I did. 

On this blog you will find articles that discuss fitness and helpful tips to improve your own fitness level. Whether you are an athlete, or just starting out, it is my goal to see you reap the benefits that a healthy diet and exercise routine can bring.



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"Do not compare yourself to those around you, but compare yourself to yourself the day before. Set smart goals. Watch your diet and don't miss a day."