An audience...Doing something amazing.

Do something great by Benjamin Steele

Blog #51

This is one of those blogs that I won’t likely advertise, but that one day I might look back on fondly.

I’m currently sitting in my Airbnb apartment (in between places due to Marine Corps training) having drunk a little too much gin and all I can think about is the future and the positives that I can see. I seriously need to make something incredible happen and I am hungry to make it happen.

I’ve been blessed with a great life (as much of us have). Good parents, a good education and opportunities to make it. America is the land of opportunity and those opportunities are there. This blog will serve as my vow to do something incredible in life.

I’m reminded of the scene from “The Social Network” where a young Mark Zuckerburg (I might have spelt that wrong) starts creating an app to compare girls in his school to farm animals while drinking beer. Yes, he might have been just having a good time, but he makes a website that gains so much traffic that it crashes the Harvard network. Mark was a visionary.

I want to do something amazing. A few steps that I’m taking to get there…

  1. Starting a podcast. Hopefully this weekend about creative people and how they live their lives differently than others. I’m intrigued with the unique people of society that actually make an impact on the world.

  2. Blogging / creating photo content more. I need to do better at this haha.

  3. Working to better myself. Be a better / nicer person and contribute to society the best I can. I’m grateful for the US Marine Corps for the opportunities it gives me at this.

I wish I had a audience. Just some people to listen to the message. So how do you get an audience? Consistency I suppose? Having something unique to say?

I love the new move “A Star Is Born”. In the movie Bradley Cooper’s character, Jack, talks about having people listen to what you have to say. That’s all I wish. If I had people listen to what I say. If I did, I would say to be a better person…to work harder…to serve more…to wake up earlier…to love more. Maybe I’m prideful, but I actually feel that I have one or two good things to say to people, it’s just about finding an audience to say them to.

As for now, I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable price because I work out at 0500 am. I’m going to eat a healthy breakfast while listening to Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan or Jocko Willink and I’m going to go to my training as a USMC Logistics Officer. I’m going to work my hardest during the 10+ hour day and I’m going to return home content that I’ve tried my hardest. When home I’m going to start taking steps to move forward in the creative world that I love.

I’m currently listening to Post Malone. The perfect example of someone ‘normal’ who accomplished something amazing. I honestly believe that anyone can achieve this.

God bless you all. Don’t stop. Make it count.