"A Daily Checklist" and some thoughts on goal setting

This photo doesn’t exactly relate to the following blog, but I took it in Conwy Wales and liked it.

This photo doesn’t exactly relate to the following blog, but I took it in Conwy Wales and liked it.

Blog #50

I’ve had a recent conversation with a good friend that has got me thinking about goal setting. I thought I would write some of my thoughts down in this blog.

I’m one of those people who spends hours a day scheming. By “scheming” I mean planning for the future. Thinking about a better life that I can make for myself and how I’m going to get there. Generally I end these pondering sessions with to-do lists and goals that point me in the right direction, but unfortunately some of these goals don’t exactly come to fruition. Over time, I forget to actually make them happen and end up thinking about them again in another scheming session down the road.

This brings me to the conversation that I had with a friend lately. She talked about making a checklist that she could review every night to keep her accountable to who she wants to be. A list that has all of the goals that she was working on and that included steps to achieving them. This list could include questions like: Did I read today? Did I workout? Did I try my hardest at work? Did I take time to tell those close to me that I loved them? Did I eat healthy?

Such a list isn’t designed to make us feel guilty or insufficient. It’s there merely as a tool to help us evaluate and reset for the next day. It’s just a way to improve.

I loved this idea to make a list and took it upon myself to make such a checklist this weekend for myself. I vow to review this checklist every evening for the nest month and am excited to see what happens with it.

A few of the things on my list are:

  • Did you build your relationship with God today?

  • Did you workout? Run?

  • Did you do some good in work?

  • How did you spend your money today? Did you save? Invest?

  • Did you eat healthily?

  • Did you play guitar?

  • How’s the blog and podcast going?

  • Do you have any collaborations on the horizon?

  • Did you do a random act of kindness today?

As you will see, some of my goals aren’t things that I necessarily will do everyday, but they are part of larger goals that I have. Simply by asking the question to myself nightly will allow me to think about it and plan to address it in the coming days. A good example is the podcast. As you are aware, I haven’t started a podcast yet, but plan to in the coming weeks. Also, I believe that asking these questions daily will allow me to notice more blessings and miracles in my life.

I’m a firm believer that goal setting is an essential element to our success, but that it’s only the first part. The second part is reviewing our goals every day and making plans daily to change and improve. This obviously isn’t anything new or groundbreaking, but unfortunately it’s something that is often overlooked.

Make your own list.

All the best,