Developing Beneficial Habits


Blog #34

We all know what we need to be doing to be effective, but for some reason we still don't do them. It's really a quite simple recipe for a happy lifestyle, so why don't we achieve it? If you've ever heard anyone successful speak, you've likely heard beneficial tips to help you on your own journey. Some of these may have included:

  • Exersizing daily
  • Planning ahead
  • Developing balance
  • Following a schedule
  • Eating healthily
  • Developing your talents
  • Perfecting your personal finance
  • Setting weekly goals
  • Reading
  • Logging a journal

And the list goes on and on...

It's like New Years day, when everyone sets impressive goals, but falters a few weeks after starting. Really ask yourselves, why does this happen?

Well, I'm sure that there are many scientific and behavioral explanations to exactly why we don't establish these happy and effective habits, but really, I think it just comes down to laziness.

Michael Phelps just swam in his last Olympics in Rio. Do you think he just forgets to swim one day during his training season? Do you think that he forgets to eat properly?

I doubt it. I would assume that Phelps follows a very regiment training and eating schedule. I would assume that he follows that schedule religiously.

I don't think there is are hardly any excuses for not developing the effective habits that we know we should. Really, it just comes down to pure motivation. YOU need to be completely motivated in your goal. If you write down a goal, understand that it's much more than just a wish and stick to it.

You need to love the gym more than you hitting your snooze button. You need to love building your business more than you do eating a lengthy lunch. You need to love the dream of providing comfortably for your family, more that you do watching Netflix.

There will be times when you will have to say "no" to your friends. Or times when you will have to take a pass on a party. Yes, these times may be tough in the moment, but I promise you that you will never regret that decision in the end. What will be more memorial: that time out with your friends or the positive impact that you've left on the world and on your family.