Honesty Shouldn't Be An Option


Blog #33

When you pursue your dream you should be willing to do anything, anything to get ahead. Right?...


When you pursue your dream, of course you should do almost anything in your power to achieve it, however, you still need to have a few limitations. Most basic to these limitations, is that you need to play honestly. Being honest, shouldn't ever be an option!

As I've immersed myself in the world of business this past year, I've found it interesting how some businessmen and women, have a complete disregard to honesty and ethics.

I'll give you a small example. Three or Four months ago, I learned that another small-business in my area had bought all of the domain names similar to mine, but spelled differently (www.sirwilde.com, www.sirwild.com, www.sirwyld.com). They had bought the domains and redirected them to their own website. Because of this, if someone was looking for my company, but accidentally spelled the domain name incorrectly, they would find themselves at their site. Now, do I think this lost me customers? Probably not. But still...come on!

When I learned about this, I sent them an email and asked that they please pass me those domains. I explained that if they were going to steal my customers, I would prefer that they did it the honest way, rather than like this. They said something ridiculous about how they had set up the new domains so long ago that they forgot about them (even though I only had started my business 4-5 months before) and thankfully agreed to give them to me.

Was I upset? A little. More annoyed than anything. I was amazed about how people could play so dirty, especially to another small-business in their area.

Since having this experience, I have had others where I have had to question someone's honesty. I've learned about other businesses doing the exact same thing to their competitors here in Utah and much, much worse things.

Reason for me writing this is plain and simple. Be honest and don't be an asshole. Pursuing a dream is no excuse to get rid of the values that you have. I am confident that if you are honest and a good person, you will have a happier life. Not only will you achieve your dream, but you will be able to be proud of how you got there.

If you have a problem with another person in your space, approach them and deal with the problem honestly and openly. Don't set out to do equally dishonest things back to them. Two wrongs do not make a right.