Three Habits of Highly Successful People (That You May Not Have Heard Before)


Blog #27

The internet is filled with lists. "Habit of Successful People" seems to be a popular topic for such lists. Although I usually find these suggestions helpful, I often feel they are repetitive.

I recently came across a few studies that got me thinking about a few unique habits of successful people. Habits that the other lists may not mention. I wanted to share three of these habits with you on this blog:

  1. Carry a notebook.
    • Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes at the most random of times. Whether you're getting dressed in the morning, having a casual conversation with a friend, walking to lunch or listening to a presentation, you need to always be listening to inspiration and be ready to write down the inspiration as it comes. Writing random thoughts in your phone works as well, but I've found that this is less permanent than actually writing them down. A regularly used notebook becomes a long-term source of reference for you that can be used for many years.
  2. Get rid of the to-do lists and use a calendar.
    • Studies show that 40% of to do lists never get accomplished. They act as a very short term reminder, that is often overlooked. Instead of to-do lists, use your calendar. Google calendars is my personal favorite. Plan every minute throughout the day and follow your plan. I tend to see that calendar events are accomplished much more often.
  3. Be aware of your short comings.
    • I don't think anyone was ever successful by believing that they were honestly invincible. Accept that fact that you aren't perfect and take the time to work on your weak points. If you don't feel that you can overcome them yourselves, then hire someone who can help you with them. Every evening take the time to evaluate on your own performance. Set daily goals to improve.

Warren Buffett said, "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Now is the time to find your own success that thereby plant the tree that all those after you can benefit from.