Live Intentionally...


Blog #26

"Life life intentionally. Nothing great was accomplished by accident."

This morning, that was the caption of my Instagram post. It's a thought that was spurred by my roommate Ryan and it's one that carries a lot of truth.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines intend as, "The thing that you plan to achieve: an aim or purpose."

We need to learn how to wake up every morning with the intention of accomplishing our goals. Rather then simply continuing in the habits that we have developed previously, we need to intend to do better. We need to set frequent goals and we need to intend to accomplish them.

During this summer olympics we have had the opportunity to witness the greatest athletes in the world compete for a spot on the podium. As you know, these athletes don't become the best overnight, nor by chance. These athletes train. They train harder than almost anyone in the world every day for years to be ready for their opportunity to compete. They follow their daily training plans and are always working to improve.

I would say that they intend to compete in the olympics and that they intend to preform at a certain level.

We need to be the same...

Here's my challenge. Take a moment and write down three goals that you have in your life. Set three action points per goal that will help you to get there.

This next week, wake up every morning with the intention of accomplishing your goals. At the end of each day reflect on how you did.

This world is greatly in need of great people who pursue their dreams. Let's both be one of them.

Thank you,