The Power of Telling a Good Brand Story


Blog #24

When I say, "The Power of Telling a Good Brand Story", I don't simply mean "Good" as in average, but I mean "Good" as in relatable, genuine, passionate and emotional. When a brand learns how to tell this type of story in all that they do, then they become successful in all that they do. This moment when people connect to your brand story is the moment when the products begin to sell and the services begin to be used.

I have almost an obsession with following other brands and the stories that they tell. As my simple blog today, I want to invite you to watch a few of the following videos. Take note of the stories told and the genius branding behind them. Then, see how the company that you currently work for, whether that's as the CEO or the secretary, can improve their brand story.

Here are three of my favorites -

Nick Fouquet (Hatter Venice, California) :

YETI (Premium Ice Chests, Apparel and Gear. Austin, Texas) :

Mumford & Sons (One of the best bands to walk this planet. London, England):

Each of these brands have influenced me to live my life in a better way. They have also inspired me to be a better strategic brander. I know that there is value in telling a good story and backing it up with a good product, song or service. Don't create content that's easy, create content that's unforgettable. Content that will be viewed and read for decades.

There is nothing that disappoints me more than seeing a brand who gives their brand a half effort. Don't be this person.

Thank you,