Harley-Davidson | A Proud Tradition in Style and Business

Blog #9

Just this past week I found myself stopping by one of the larger Harley-Davidson dealerships here in Utah, mainly just out of curiosity. As I looked around and spoke to a few riders who were there, I quickly learned of the tradition that makes Harleys so great. People don't just ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but they live the Harley-Davison lifestyle.

Ask anyone who rides a Harley regularly how it feels to ride the bike and they will be quick to describe the "floating on a cloud" or "free" feeling it gives them. Some say it feels like they are an "outlaw riding in the wild west". As a clothing brand owner, I believe I can learn a lot from the brand identity that Harley has given its riders. It's cool to see a group of people believe so passionately in something. As a person, I believe I can learn a lot from the riders who have such a love for what they do. Do we spend our time doing something we truly love?


Harley-Davidson USA was officially founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a group of four friends and brothers. What started as a motorized bicycle, was soon a integral part of our Nation's military, police force and postal service. Now after more then a century, it's the powerhouse brand we recognize today, known for some of the most reliable and popular motorcycles in the world. Something that impresses me about Harley's history, is that every few years since their founding in 1903, they have come out with a new, updated bike for their riders. They have never been a stagnant brand, but have always been innovating and inventing. We've seen what happens when a company becomes stagnant (Hollywood Video / Blockbuster), but Harley has always stayed on top of things. Also, it's pretty cool to see a brand that's so passionate about our country and still assembles all of it's bikes here in the USA.

Will I ever find myself on a Harley? Not sure, because I definitely can't afford one as of now; although...I do like the jean / leather jacket look! Regardless of what I'm riding, however, I feel Harley-Davidson is an exemplary brand!

Stay creative,