Live From Folsom Prison

Blog #8

Johnny Cash was an American singer-songwriter known for his deep, calm baritone voice, a rebelliousness coupled with a increasingly humble demeanor, free prison concerts and a trademark look which earned him the nickname "The Man in Black". He traditionally began his concerts with the simple, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash", followed by his signature "Folsom Prison Blues". For those of you who are not yet closely familiar with Cash, this short blog post is to urge you to become familiar.

As someone who has always been a fan of the classic rockabilly culture, over the past years I have become a true fan of Cash and his music. I believe I was first introduced to his life through the 2005 film, "Walk The Line" and haven't been the same since.


Cash learned guitar as a young boy from his mother before serving in the US Air Force. After a thee-year deployment to Germany (where he was said to have written "Folsom Prison Blues"), Cash moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he began studying to become a radio announcer. When he wasn't studying or selling household appliances for living money, Cash was staying up late with his buddies to play old country or gospel music. One day Cash rolled into the typical evening jam session to see Elvis Presley already there. What a session that must have been!

Not only was Cash incredibly musically talented, but he was also impeccably well dressed. All black outfits, skinny black neckties, slicked back hair and personality to fit the description, Cash pulled off a timeless look that seems to be making a resurgence today; no wonder he was able to win the heart of the beautiful June Carter.

I think it's important we remember some of the legends of the past. Look into Cash's music a little and learn what real country music sounds like.

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