Success Is At Your Fingertips

Blog #6

As I've ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, whilst still being a college student this past year, there is one principle that has been printed boldly on my mind. I'm not talking about the basic skills of accounting, an appreciation for classic literature, honing of marketing strategies or any other nuance of intellect that one learns in the scholarly environment (as important as these principles may be), no, I'm talking about the understanding that success is always, always at your fingertips. Specifically, I believe if we are living our lives in a proactive way, consistently and creatively, that success will eventually come. Let me explain...

I know a girl who makes a doctors working salary through product placement in her fashion blog, a young man who is generating thousands of dollars through his Instagram, a seasoned craftsman who makes a comfortable living through his custom hat shop and a plethora of other people living out their dreams in a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. Heck, I even have a friend who's 17-year-old sister is making a steady $35,000 a year from her Youtube beauty channel. I also know that for each of these people, the success they are now experiencing didn't come overnight. They each found a niche they were passionate about, set goals to monetized it and pursued with consistency. For many of these people, it only took an average of one to two years before they started seeing benefits of their work. The problem is that most people would have quit within the first six months.

For many of us a "normal" job is a necessity and that's expected. My question is, what are you doing with the time when you aren't in the office? When you aren't working to fulfill your boss's dreams, are you working to fulfill your own?

About a week ago, I watched the movie "The Big Short" starring Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. For those of you who haven't yet seen it (you should), it tells the stories of a few different brokers who predicted the housing market crash of 2006 and invested against the big banks (essentially against the US economy). At the time, everyone thought they were crazy, that is until they cashed out with an average of $50,000,000+ a piece. I bring them up because I believe they were so successful by thinking outside the box. They didn't see the reward right away, but they stuck with their guts and eventually got paid off in large. Once again, creativity and consistency.

I believe that all of us can experience greater success in our lives by pursuing a new avenue of income, one that challenges our creativity. Although I can't promise you will become a millionaire, I can promise that you will see the benefits.

Just some of my thoughts this week. Thanks,


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