I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado and spent about 8 years there. Being from a relatively small town resulted in many nights camping, fishing, daily sports and good times with friends. I have nothing but fond memories from Colorado. Upon graduating high school, I left home to pursue a college degree in Public Relations at Brigham Young University. After a semester of studies, I put my education temporarily on hold to serve a two-year Christian mission in England and South Wales. After completing my mission, I continued my education and dedicated myself to learning the world of entrepreneurship, marketing and branding. As part of this, at the end of 2015 I founded my own accessory brand Sir Wylde.

Launching a business as a college student was difficult at times, but very rewarding. With small resources, I was able to accomplish big things through an effective business model, strategic branding, a good partner and creative marketing. For Sir Wylde I successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, raised a small round of funding from a private investor, earned media placements in British GQ Magazine and on the NFL Network, saw steady growth since inception and sold the company in 2017. Undoubtably, starting Sir Wylde was one of the best things that I did in my early professional life.

Beyond business, I have a deep love for America, music, photography, film, branding, travel, people and fitness. I look forward to owning a thorough vinyl collection and attending many concerts over the years.

I'm always learning and wanted to start this blog in order to log some of my experiences. Also, I'm always looking for new career opportunities, so I have my resume and some of my work featured on this site as well.

Please contact me directly if you have any additional questions (contactme@benjaminsteele.us or steele.benjamin1993@gmail.com).


Benjamin Steele